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Since May 2007, I've been Managing Director of LookBox Limited, a spin-off of the set-top box and multimedia delivery systems business from DaweVision Ltd.

I'm also Managing Director and Principal in Adeptium Consulting Ltd., a software consultancy specialising in low-level work (in other words, close to the hardware), and of Conneqt Ltd, which is...under wraps for now!

I have a formal CV and an informal CV available. They can lag by up to a year sometimes, so if you need more details, please get in touch.



Executive summary: I wear two hats. I'm a business guy, running two companies and enjoying the challenges of making it all work. My background is as a software engineer, working on device drivers and generally anything on any platform which involves designing operating system architecture, tickling chips directly with software or anything that seemed a neat idea at the time.

I've a wife, Chris, and two young kids. Quite mad, but wonderful with it.

And I'm creative. Intensely so.

For those who set great store by Geek Codes, here's mine:

Version: 3.12
GCS/B/L d- s-:+ !a? C$++(++++) UL$++++ US+++ P+ L++++ E(-)
W+++ N+++(++) o++ K w++$>--- O M+ V PS++(+) PE(-) Y++ PGP++
t+* 5++ X+ R+++ tv+ b+++ DI++++(++) D++ G+ e++*
h(++)---- h* r+++ y++++

If you want to see what that means, you can paste the block into the page at http://www.ebb.org/ungeek/. On the other hand, if you're feeling lazy, click here to see what it made of a recent version. I don't guarantee to keep this up-to-date, though! Think of it as an incentive to do some cut-and-pastery for yourself...

When not working or surfing, I'm writing screenplays, growing plants, running or playing in rôle-playing games, and generally giving people a pretty weird time. I can do that at work as well, I'm versatile like that.



I met Chris in 1986, and a year after that, we became, as the Americans say, "an item". On Leap Year's Day 1992, she proposed to >me - utterly out of the blue! - I accepted, once I'd recovered from the shock and found my voice again, and we finally got married in 1997.

Our daughter Meriel, universally known as Meri, was born by forceps delivery late in 2002. Mad as a bag of ferrets, and about as manic, but also impressively bright.  She got the artistic genes from her Mum, and the geek genes from her Dad (along with his prolixity).  And she Doesn't Like Pink!  (The colour, not the musical artist.)

Alex was born in 2005. He's a cheerful chap, but not as insanely outgoing as his sister, thank goodness! Having taken his time getting around to walking and talking, he's now learning language with enthusiasm.  Alex has his own quirky spin on life: "What are we doing after naps?" means, "What's happening tomorrow?"  He started school in September 2010, and seems to be enjoying it so far.

When there the chance, Chris and I are surfers (me on a 7'2" Fluid Juice fat-boy thruster hybrid; Chris is bodyboarding at present), spending our hols in Cornwall or Ireland, and occasional weekends at East Runton or Sandilands, our "local" breaks (i.e. only a couple of hours' drive each way).

Oh, and talking of bags of ferrets, we've two!  We can sometimes be seen walking them on leads around Fen Ditton.  We think they're on the leads; they think we are.  Anyone who thinks ferrets are smelly and vicious hasn't met ours!

I can be emailed as This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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