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Jon's CV

This is my formal CV.  If you'd like a better idea of what I'm like as a person, check out the informal CV on the same site.

Note to agencies: unless you have my explicit prior permission, you must not present my CV details, whether anonymised or not, to any potential client or employer.

Personal information

Full name: Jonathan Simon Green
Nationality: British
Location: Cambridge, England
Languages: English, French (GCSE level), Chinese (some conversational), minor smatterings of Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian
Other: Non-smoker; full, clean driving licence.
Email (consultancy rôles): This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Email (permanent rôles): This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Rôles considered:

Consultancy: Interim CTO / Technical Director; technical consultancy; business consultancy (selecting Far East production partners, overseeing knowledge and technology transfer); Non-Executive Director

Permanent: CTO / Technical Director; other Board positions; possibly senior architect / developer


I am very open to all opportunities, so if you have an alternative that isn't listed above, please drop me an email, and let's chat.



Primary business

  • CEO of three companies (consumer electronics manufacturer; consultancy; rights-owning non-trading shell)
  • Overseas manufacture
  • Company accounts
  • Demerger
  • Rights Issue
  • Promotion and sales


Primary technical

Language Cumulative time
C 27 years
C++ 7 years
Assemblers (many) 14 years
Unix/Linux shell scripts 27 years
Adobe® PostScript™ 3 years
HTML 8 years
PHP 2 years
Python Some
Javascript Some
(commercial experience):
Platform Cumulative time
Unix (all types) 22 years prof., 27 total
-  Linux 10 years prof; 17 years total
-  Also: SunOS 4.x, Solaris 2.x, Irix
-  Others: Version 7, System V, BSD 4.x
Microsoft® (in total) 23 years
-  MS-DOS 2.11 to 6.x 5 years dev
-  Windows 3.x to XP 4 years dev; 19 years user
  • Firmware/embedded design and development;
  • Set-top-box technologies (MPEG, streaming media);
  • Systems-level design and development;
  • Device drivers (hardware and software);
  • Browser technologies;
  • Image processing (single and sequential);
  • Colour science for pre-press software;
  • Use of ICE units, logic analysers and oscilloscopes;
  • Communications protocols design and/or implementation;
  • Some Xilinx FPGA design assist (schematic);
  • UML (trained; not used much in anger).

Secondary technical -- skills may be rusty or less used

Languages: Pascal, PL/1, Modula/2, Forth, some Java, PALasm -- some familiarity with several others
Platforms: Mac, DEC PDP & VAX (RT-11, RSX-11, VMS), many others



A brief summary of dates and major projects.

LookBox Limited
Managing Director
Business: Demerger, MBO, rights issue, promotion, sales, leadership
Technical: Linux, C++, C, SQL, shell script, PHP, MySQL, multimedia, firmware, cloud computing
Adeptium Limited / Adeptium Consulting Limited
Managing Director, Principal Consultant
Client Dates Skills
[Confidential] Nov 2010- Linux build systems, Windows build systems, Python, Pyro, XML-RPC, cloud computing, virtual computing
(Adeptium dormant - working on LookBox) May 2007-current
DaweVision Ltd Jan 2006-May 2007 Linux, C, C++, shell scripts, MySQL, multimedia, firmware, ARM assembler, hardware design assist, hardware production oversight
IMP Electronics May 2005-Dec 2005 MS-DOS, Visual C++, chip-level device drivers, embedded systems, OS design, task scheduler,
Atrial Systems Limited
Software consultancy (as permanent staff member)
Client Dates Skills
Ant Limited July 2004-Jan 2005 Linux, Browser technologies: HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, ECMAscript, some Python
Pace Micro Techology plc Dec 2002-July 2004 (7 renewals!) Linux, embedded systems, multumedia, set-top-box technologies: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, streaming media
Set top box development
Team leadership, Linux Red Hat 7.x (embedded), C++, UML, set-top-box technologies, multimedia, agile development.
Running a team, and doing principal architecture and development, to port a set-top-box software stack to Linux
Imerge Ltd.
Consumer audio and video servers
Linux Red Hat 6.x and 7.x (embedded); C++, C, SQL, shell script.
Designed XiVATM-Link, a protocol for controlling Imerge's SoundServer and MediaServer products; designed and implemented the interpreter for XiVA-Link; developed several device drivers for audio and video devices (M-Audio Audiophile and Delta series; Linn audio card; SiS301 video layer switching, etc.); developed an MPEG-2 PES-level parser for video play from disk.
Harlequin plc
PostScript interpreters; Panoptica post-production software for the TV & movie industries
Windows NT, SGI Irix, Sun Solaris, Mac; C, C++.
Device drivers for imagesetters; image file interpreters (e.g. TIFF/IT, TIFF 6.0); exernal API development; colourimetric image viewer design and development; sequential image processing.
Hyphen Ltd.
PostScript interpreters
SunOS, Solaris; C.
Low level I/O architecture (API and underlying implementation: Unix and part of NT); device drivers for imagesetters.
DTP quality, industrial strength graphical label design and printing
MS-DOS, Windows 3.x; C, Assemblers.
Low level output architecture (API and underlying implementation: MS-DOS); device drivers (PC, Windows) for printers; printer firmware (modifying existing f/w and also writing from scratch); some printer repair!
Acorn Computer Ltd.
BBC Micro & Master; Acorn Communicator (OEM product); Acorn Archimedes
Acorn OSs, Unix SysV and BSD 4.x; Basic, Assemblers, C.
Econet development on BBC Micro & Master, and Acorn Communicator; streaming tape driver (Unix); ported BSD Unix toolkit (with GNU extensions) to ARM.
Istel Ltd. (Now AT&T Istel)
Internal consultancy to Austin Rover motor group
Unix SysV, DEC RSX-11m+; C, Macro-11 assembler, PL/1, PLC Ladder Logic .
Trackside radio tag decoder controller for Austin Rover Cowley; miscellaneous Unix application development.


Queen Mary College (University of London), 1982-1985
BSc(Hons) Computer Science
Queen Mary College became Queen Mary and Westfield College and is now known as Queen Mary, University of London.

Isleworth Grammar School, 1975-1982
3 GCE 'A' levels (Maths, Chemistry, Physics)
13 GCE 'O' levels (inc. A/O levels in Maths and Electronics)
Isleworth Grammar School is now Isleworth And Syon School.

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